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The content on this page has yet to be rewritten for GOV.WALES. It is still correct and up-to-date.

Housing Association comparison tool

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We have created a comparison tool which allows users to select and compare data from different housing associations.

We regulate Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) registered in Wales, which are more commonly known as ‘housing associations’.

RSL information 

No.1 Housing Association Information - Number of staff employed

No.2 Housing Association Information - The number of staff per unit

No.3 Housing Association Information - Number of social housing units

No.4 Housing Association Information - Surplus £000's

No.5 Housing Association Information - Turnover £000's

Financial Information 

No1. Bad debts per social housing unit (£k)

No.2 Free cash flow (before draw down or repayment of loans) (£k)

No.3 Major repairs and components costs per social housing unit (£k)

No.4 Management costs per social housing unit (£k)

No.5 Operating costs for lettings per social housing unit (£k)

No.6 Reactive repair costs per social housing unit (£k)

No.7 Total rent per social housing unit (£k)

Tenant Satisfaction 

No.1 Tenant Satisfaction - Neighbourhoods as a place to live

No.2 Tenant Satisfaction - Rent provides value for money

No.3 Tenant Satisfaction - Tenants and residents trust the association

No.4 Tenant Satisfaction - Association listens to tenants and residents views and acts upon them

No.5 Tenant Satisfaction - Association is providing the service tenants and residents expect

No.6 Tenant Satisfaction - Overall quality of your home

No.7 Tenant Satisfaction - Service provided by your association

No.8 Tenant Satisfaction - The way your association deals with antisocial behaviour

No.9 Tenant Satisfaction - The way your association deals with repairs and maintenance

Welsh Housing Quality Standard 

No.1 WHQS - Non compliant stock at 31st of March

No.2 WHQS - Fully compliant stock at 31st of March

No.3 WHQS - Compliant stock subject to acceptable fails at 31st March

You may notice that some of the data sets do not add up to 100%, this is due to one of the following reasons:

  • not all questions were answered by all respondents
  • rounding
  • errors in returns
  • data not available

Housing Associations collect data in different ways, which means sometimes data may not be directly comparable across different landlords.  If you have any queries or questions you contact your landlord in the first instance.