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Regional Collaborative Committees

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The role of Regional Collaborative Committees within the Supporting People Programme

Regional Collaborative Committees (RCCs) make recommendations to the Welsh Government on Supporting People spending in their region.

They are informed by information provided by individual local authorities. RCCs are advisory only and do not have executive powers or finance.

RCCs bring key stakeholders together from across each region. This ensures that planning and commissioning of Supporting People services makes the most effective use of Supporting People Programme Grant and meets local needs.

There are 6 RCCs across Wales:

  • The Vale and Cardiff
  • Gwent
  • Mid and West
  • Western Bay
  • Cwm Taf
  • North Wales.

Each RCC is made of representatives from local authorities, health, probation, Supporting People service providers and landlords.

RCCs are responsible for producing a regional strategic plan for Supporting People services. This takes account of local priorities and identifies the most effective way to meet local needs.

The Supporting People Programme Practice Guidance 2018 describes the role of RCCs in more detail (see 3.2, pages 11 - 14).