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Council Tax Support

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Information on the impact and consequences of the UK Welfare Reform Act 2012 for the people of Wales.
There are 22 unitary authorities (county and county borough councils) that deliver a wide range of services.

In April 2013, Council Tax Reduction Schemes (CTRS) replaced council tax benefit in Wales and eligible applicants were automatically transferred onto the new scheme.

In the Spending Review 2010, the UK Government announced it would abolish council tax benefit and give responsibility for developing replacement arrangements to local authorities In England and to the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales. At the same time funding for future arrangements to provide council tax support was cut by 10%.

We are now responsible for making regulations in relation to Council Tax Support in Wales and under the new CTRS regulations brought forward  for 2014-15 onwards, each local authority in Wales has had to adopt its own CTRS. These regulations were closely based on the previous council tax benefit rules. However, local authorities have also been given a few small areas of local discretion. This allows them to take the needs and priorities of their local area into account.

£244m was provided in the local government settlement for CTRS for 2013/14. A fixed budget of £222m was transferred from the UK Government. However in order to support local authorities continue to provide all eligible applicants with their full entitlement to support, an additional £22m was provided by Welsh Government. We have continued to match this funding every year since and have now committed to maintain these arrangements for a further year until the end of 2017-18.

For more information about your local schemes, please visit your local authority’s website. Contact details can be found on our local government pages. For an overview about Council Tax Reduction Schemes and advice about eligibility and how to make an application, please visit the advice pages of the Citizens Advice Bureau website (external link).

Regulations governing the operation of Council Tax Reduction Schemes are available on the website (external link).