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National framework 2016

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The framework sets out our vision and priorities for Welsh fire and rescue authorities (FRAs).

It describes what we expect of FRAs and is the foundation on which to build and promote improvement, efficiency and innovation.

The Framework focuses on 3 main aspects of the changing context in which FRAs deliver their services: 

  • severe medium to long term pressure on public finances. 
  • an aging population and a shift to community based care and the implications of this on the risk of fire.
  • potential to expand FRAs’ prevention and response roles into wider community safety, as a result of the significant reduction in fires in the last 10-15 years.
It develops priorities for FRAs around 6 key themes:-
  • continually and sustainably reducing risk and enhancing safety of citizens and communities;
  • responding swiftly and effectively to incidents;
  • being clearly and publicly accountable for delivery and funding, manifesting the highest standards of governance;
  • maintaining downward pressure on costs and taking all opportunities to realise efficiencies;
  • working effectively with partners to improve efficiency and citizen and community well-being;
  • valuing and developing the workforce to the highest standards.

Fire and Rescue National Framework Report

Under the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004, the Welsh Ministers  are required to report every two years on how far FRAs have acted in accordance with the Framework. This report  shows both FRA activity and the support provided by the Welsh Government in sustaining and improving  fire and rescue services in Wales.

Fire and Rescue Services Support and Intervention Protocol

We have prepared a protocol under the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004. It sets out when powers of intervention and support may be exercised by Ministers, under the 2004 Act and the Local Government Wales Measure 2009.