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Help paying for childcare

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The Childcare Act 2006 expands and clarifies in legislation the vital role local authorities play as strategic leaders in the provision of childcare locally.

Tax and benefit support can help to make childcare more affordable.

Local support, such as assisted places or ‘Helping Hands’ schemes, may also be available. Your local Family Information Service will be able to advise you about help you may be able to claim.

Tax Credits

Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit help families with children and working people on low incomes. 

Find out more on

Childcare vouchers

Employer-supported salary sacrifice childcare vouchers can offer tax and National Insurance savings to parents who use eligible childcare. Find out more on the website (external link). 

Universal Credit 

Universal Credit is a new benefit for those out of work or on a low income. 

It replaces 6 income based, work related benefits, – including Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit. 

Find out more on (external link).

Tax-Free Childcare Scheme 

The Tax-Free Childcare scheme provides help with the cost of childcare for working families. Parents of children aged under 12 and parents of disabled children aged under 17 can apply online through the UK government childcare service which can be accessed via the Childcare Choices website (external link).

Further information about the scheme can be found at website (external link). 

Support for students

Higher Education students might be able to claim a childcare grant, provided they meet the qualifying criteria. Find out more on the Student Finance Wales website (external link).

Further Education students studying in Wales might be able to claim help with the cost of childcare from the Financial Contingency Fund. You can find out more from the Student Support office at the institution at which you are studying.

Parents, Childcare and Employment (PaCE)

Eligible parents who are out of work and have difficulty accessing training or employment because of childcare commitments may be helped via our European Funded programme (PaCE).

National Insurance (NI) credits for adults who care for a child under 12

You may be entitled to receive these NI credits if you are a grandparent, or other family member, who cares for a child under 12, usually whilst their parent (or main carer) is working. 

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