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Parents Childcare and Employment (PaCE)

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The PaCE project aims to help improve employment prospects for parents where childcare is their main barrier to accessing training or job opportunities. 

PaCE will cover the cost of childcare while parents undertake training, work experience or volunteering and gain the skills they need to get a job.

Who can PaCE help?

  • Parents aged 25 and over not in employment
  • Young parents (16-24) not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET)

Parent Employment Advisers (PaCE advisers) support parents by:

  • providing one to one support in family friendly locations, supporting parents in their search for training and employment
  • helping with ‘Better Off’ in work calculations
  • providing employment advice and guidance, including self employment
  • identifying childcare options
  • funding childcare
  • identifying training requirements
  • getting parents closer to the workplace.
PaCE advisers support parents who wish to engage with the project on a voluntary basis, and work towards realistic and achievable goals. They help to improve skills, tackle low confidence/self esteem, and move parents closer to sustainable employment.

With a network of over 40 PaCE advisers based in community settings, PaCE offers one to one support to eligible parents to establish their individual childcare needs and employment goals. The PaCE adviser talks through options with the parent, including solutions for overcoming childcare costs to enable the parents to train, volunteer or take up work experience to improve job prospects.

PaCE builds upon services in the community such as Flying Start and Families First and covers all the local authority areas across Wales. PaCE operates outside of Communities First areas, to complement and not overlap with other programmes such as Communities for Work.

How is PaCE funded?

PaCE is a £13.5m project jointly funded by Welsh Government and the European Social Fund (ESF). The Welsh Government is the lead beneficiary and works with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) as a joint beneficiary. All local authorities are key delivery partners for PaCE and support the project by referring parents who may benefit from PaCE services, and by helping to identify suitable premises for the PaCE advisers to meet with parents in their local communities across Wales. For more information on PaCE please email

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