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Play and leisure

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Each centre provides open access play, early years education, high quality childcare, community training, and other vital family support services.
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Through legislation we want every child to have a wide range of challenging and interesting opportunities to play and enjoy their leisure time.

"Wales - a Play Friendly Country"  is the statutory guidance for local authorities on assessing for and securing sufficient play opportunities for children in their areas.  This replaced the previous "Creating a play friendly Wales" statutory guidance.


In November 2012, we placed a duty on all Local Authorities to assess the sufficiency of play opportunities for children in their areas. The first Play Sufficiency Assessments and Play Action Plans were submitted in March 2013. The statutory guidance provides the timetable for future requirements.

In 2014, we commenced the duty on Local Authorities to secure sufficient play opportunities, having regard to their assessments. This put into effect the complete Section 11, Play Opportunities of the Children and Families (Wales) Measure 2010.

The regulations are available on the legislation website (External link).