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Play sufficiency assessment - Toolkit

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It has been designed to provide support to all local authorities in fulfilling their duty to assess play opportunities.

This toolkit was prepared by Play Wales and the Welsh Government in 2012 and it was designed to provide support to all Local Authorities in fulfilling their duty to assess play opportunities for children and young people in their Play Sufficiency Assessments 2013.

The toolkit consists of four sections to enable ease of use. Part one and two of the 2012 toolkit have been slightly revised in preparation of the submission to Welsh Government of the Play Sufficiency Assessments 2016.

Part one: How to use the play sufficiency toolkit and prepare for the assessment

An introduction to the purpose of the toolkit.

Part two: Undertaking the play sufficiency assessment

Contains the play sufficiency assessment proforma and the play sufficiency action plan proforma. These cover the matters that need to be taken into account in the assessments.  

Part three: Additional information and tools

Provides additional information for local authorities in considering the issues relating to play. Also included are methods for conducting the play sufficiency assessment.

Part four: Tools

Tools to support the assessment process.