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Older People's Commissioner

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Created by the Welsh Government in 2008, the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales is the independent voice and champion for older people aged 60 and over across Wales.

The Commissioner’s work is driven by what older people say matters most to them, and ensures their voices are at the heart of all the Commissioner does.

The Commissioner:

  • promotes awareness of the rights and interests of older people in Wales
  • challenges discrimination against older people in Wales
  • encourages best practice in the treatment of older people in Wales
  • reviews the law affecting the interests of older people in Wales.

As an independent statutory officer, the Commissioner has a wide range of legal powers to help deliver the changes older people want and need to see.

Website: Older People's Commissioner for Wales (external link)

Heléna Herklots was announced as the third Commissioner following a formal public appointment process. The appointment was approved by the First Minister in June 2018.  The appointment is for an initial four year term, commencing on 20 August 2018. 

An Annual Report (external link) is published each year outlining the work carried out and progress made against the previously published annual work programme, which is set by the Commissioner. (April – March). 

The Office of the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales is independent of, but funded by, the Welsh Government.  The Commissioner’s  annual accounts are audited by the Wales Audit Office.