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Procedures and Decisions

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Information about Planning legislation.
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Planning applications are usually decided by Local Planning Authorities but some applications are “called in” for the Minister to consider them.

The Welsh Ministers will consider whether to 'call in' an application when:

  • a request is submitted by any person or organisation;
  • a local planning authority refers an application where they are minded to grant permission for certain types of development outlined in the Notification Direction 2012 (Welsh Government Circular No: 07/12). These are known as ‘notification development.

The Welsh Ministers powers are discretionary and requests are considered on a case by case basis, generally where an application raises issues of more than local importance. Examples of what could trigger a 'call in' are set out in Chapter 3 of Planning Policy Wales.

The Welsh Ministers also have the power to determine planning appeals that would normally be dealt with by the Planning Inspectorate. These appeals are known as 'recovered appeals'. The 'recovered appeals' page sets out the circumstances when the power is likely to be used.

Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas

Decisions on 'called in' listed building and conservation area consent applications can also taken by the Welsh Ministers along with planning enforcement appeals and other consent applications relating to Common Land, Tree Preservation and caravans.

The Planning Inspectorate

This is an Executive Agency of the Welsh Government and the Department of Communities and Local Government. It deals with casework under Planning, Housing, Environment, Highways and allied legislation. For more information on their work please visit the Planning Inspectorate website (external link).

Challenging a decision of the Welsh Ministers

Guidance leaflets are available and only relate to statutory challenges under the legislation specified.  When making a High Court challenge, or making an application for Judicial Review, you should seek legal advice.