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Houses in Multiple Occupation: Practice Guidance

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This guidance highlights good practice in the management and control of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) from across the UK and summarises the relevant legislation.

The aim of the guidance is to enable local authorities in Wales to make informed decisions on what is best suited to their area, taking into account local circumstances.

The majority of the areas in Wales where there are concentrations of HMOs are comprised predominantly of student HMOs. This guidance therefore looks in particular at practices adopted in partnerships between local authorities, higher education institutions, Students’ Unions, the police and other agencies in areas where there are high student numbers.

A revised version of the guidance was published in March 2017 to provide greater clarity regarding ‘a material change of use’ related to the introduction of use class C4 for small HMOs. Minor revisions have also been made to update the text on the Housing (Wales) Act 2016 to reflect it coming fully into force on 23 November 2016.

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