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Minerals planning policy

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Technical advice on the production of aggregates in Wales.
This provides planning advice on coal for local planning authorities, applicants and other stakeholders.

Land use planning policies for minerals development are set out in Chapter 14 of Planning Policy Wales. These policies cover the short and long term future use and safeguarding of mineral deposits.

This guidance should be taken into account by mineral planning authorities in the preparation of their development plans. It may be material to decisions on individual planning applications, including mineral review applications, and will be taken into account by the Welsh Ministers and by Planning Inspectors in the determination of called-in applications and appeals in Wales. Related matters are prescribed in regulations.

The term "Mineral Planning Authority" is that given to any of the authorities with responsibility for planning control over mineral working and relates to each local authority and each national park authority in Wales.

Policy guidance for marine aggregates is not included in Planning Policy Wales.

Guidance on regulations applying environmental impact assessment to stalled reviews of conditions attached to old mineral planning permissions in Wales

This guidance explains the effect of recent regulation on planning permissions for mineral extraction.

Interim Marine Aggregates Dredging Policy

IMADP seeks to ensure sustainable, objective and transparent decision-making to meet society's needs for aggregates dredged from the Bristol Channel, Severn Estuary and River Severn.

Sand and gravel supply for South East Wales - position statement

This document sets out the Welsh Government's strategy for the supply of marine and land-based sand and gravel to South East Wales (at December 2002).