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Guidance on development plans

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These plans set out proposals and policies for future development and use of land in local authority and national park areas across Wales.

Each local planning authority must prepare a local development plan (LDP) which sets out its proposals and policies for future development and use of land in its area.

These plans provide certainty and consistency for decisions about developments. Local planning applications should be determined in accordance with these plans. Planning Policy Wales Chapter 2 provides policy on the LDP system.

Progress on adopting Development Plans in Wales: Position at April 2019

This document indicates which areas are covered by Unitary Development Plans and Local Development Plans and what stage the plans are at.

Development Plan Coverage

The Development Plans map for Wales shows the most up to date development plan used in each local planning authority area in Wales.

Local Development Plan Manual - Edition 2 (2015)

This Manual is a reference document, principally for practitioners involved with Local Development Plans. It is not national policy.
Planning your community

Planning Your Community: A guide to Local Development Plans (LDPs)

The Local Development Plan will be very important when making planning decisions.