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Local Development Plan Manual - Edition 2 (2015)

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This Manual is a reference document, principally for practitioners involved with Local Development Plans. It is not national policy.

The requirement for each Local Planning Authority (LPA) to produce an LDP is set out in Part 6 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act, 2004. More detailed procedural requirements are contained in the LDP Regulations. National planning policy guidance in relation to the preparation of LDPs is set out in Planning Policy Wales Chapter 2 (2015)

This Local Development Plan Manual is intended to be read in conjunction with these documents.

Following consultation, the LDP process has been improved in 2015 with amendments to the LDP Regulations and revisions to Planning Policy Wales (Chapter 2) and to the LDP Manual. Planning Policy Wales sets out the main principles and aims for the plan-led system, the requirements for LDP form and content and the process for producing LDPs. This Manual provides more detailed practical and technical advice on aspects of LDP production.

The Manual reflects material from the Planning Inspectorate document, Local Development Plan Examinations: Procedural Guidance (2015). The full document, which gives further advice on the tests of soundness and the examination can be obtained from the Planning Inspectorate. In parallel to the Manual a pamphlet about the LDP system is available, to inform the general public about how to get involved in LDP preparation (Planning Your Community).

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