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The content on this page has yet to be rewritten for GOV.WALES. It is still correct and up-to-date.

£4.2m Grant scheme to promote and facilitate the use of the Welsh language

The scheme’s main aim is to support activities which promote and facilitate the use of the Welsh language.

2018/19 is the third year of the current three year grant scheme.  The grants will provide core and project funding to 77 organisations to deliver a variety of activities. Groups that will benefit directly from this fund include:

  • Yr Eisteddfod Genedlaethol
  • Cymdeithas Eisteddfodau Cymru
  • Mentrau Iaith
  • Merched y Wawr
  • Young Farmers Clubs Wales
  • Papurau Bro
  • Urdd Gobaith Cymru
  • Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru

Announcing the Grant Scheme, Minister for Welsh Language and Lifelong Learning, AM Luned Morgan said,

“Reaching one million Welsh speakers by 2050 is a very ambitious target and while education is key to this aim, the every day use of the language in all walks of life is equally important.

“Welsh cannot simply be the language of the classroom. For it to thrive, we all, as Welsh speakers, have a responsibility to use it. Organisations funded by these grants provide a wide range of opportunities for children, young people and adults to use Welsh socially.

“High profile events such as the National Eisteddfod and Tafwyl, as well as the opportunities provided by the organisations at a local level play a vital part in ensuring that the Welsh language and culture is strong in our communities across Wales.

“These grants recognise the contribution of these organisations to the future well-being of the language and will support the excellent work they do in promoting Welsh as a living, vibrant language.”